Sunday, September 27, 2015

Advantage, 2015

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Tim Lane, Advantage, 2015
pedestals & soccer shoes
dimensions vary

This installation appeared in Flint Art Projects' art exhibition "H@llow."

Tim Lane, Advantage, 2015

Pedestals made from wood from the attic flooring of the house I grew up in on the East Side of Flint; soccer shoes worn by my children over the years as they grew up with "the beautiful game."

We live in a society where sports is sacred, and athletes are revered. Surely childhood is supposed to be a sacred time—“play” a sacred act. In the sport of soccer—an incredibly fluid activity—play continues when there is a foul if the player who has been fouled can manage to maintain some advantage. The game is not interrupted. The flow is maintained. The vital moment evolves. Nothing positive is lost. If we allow ourselves to lose a sense of “play,” playfulness, or the ability to be in the moment, we run the risk of becoming stagnant, hollow.