Monday, August 21, 2006

In the Valley

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Though I Laugh Out Loud in the Valley of Darkness, 2006
acrylic on paper
30"x22", price on request



Blogger angela vasquez-giroux said...

holy shit, tim.

i love this one, and the following one.

velour never looked so beautiful!

literally had to catch my breath. whatever you've been doing, you've been doing well.

can i put down a deposit on these--and work out a very extended payment plan?

8:58 AM

Blogger ggalco said...

Tim, My Dear Friend!
I'm so glad...
I need you so much, your comments, your refined sense of humour...
Abraços desse seu amigo do Brasil!

Gustavo Guedes Alcoforado
São Paulo- SP - Brasil

5:08 PM

Blogger Peter said...

lovely drips

12:31 PM


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